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From the idyllic Southern Burgenland and proud Vas County, both in Western-Pannonia, to the most northern European wine pioneers in Groesbeek and the historically rich Saale-Unstrut river landscape, trekking and tasting around in green Vipava valley, biking alongside the sweet slopes and Danube strands of Ilok-Srijem, until finding endless sun, funny people and full bodied wines in the mountains of Bullas.

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Routes / Jewels of Vipava countryside

Vipava Valley

Vipava → Slap → Lože → Manče → Goče → Erzelj → Planina → Dolenje → Ustje → Plače → Vipavski križ → Cesta → Ajdovščina → Log pri Vipavi → Duplje → Vrhpolje → Vipava

From Vipava head towards Slap, which is rich with vineyards and where the first wine and fruit growing school was established in the time of Carniola. Head towards Lože with its own castle from 13th century on the top of the hill, surrounded by vineyards. Through Manče you ascend to Goče, which is known for its wine cellars with barrel vault ceilings. You pass the church of St. Mary of the Snow and head towards the villages Erzelj and Planina, where there are numerous sunny vineyards. From Planina you descend back to the valley through Dolenje, Ustje and Plače into Vipavski križ. There you can visit the rich library in the Capuchinian monastery, where famous Slovene writer and preacher Janez Svetokriški used to live. From there you head back to Vipava. On the way you can see many cultural monuments. There is the church of Mary the Comforter of the Afflicted in Log. There you can turn left in the direction of Duplje and Vrhpolje, where the famous battle between Theodosius and Eugenius took place in 394. From Vrhpolje you head back to Vipava.

Track information: Jewels of Vipava countryside 

Time required:cca. 105 min
Length:34.7 km
Location:5271 Vipava Glavni trg 1
Phone:+386 (0)5 368 70 41 or +386 (0)51 215 226