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From the idyllic Southern Burgenland and proud Vas County, both in Western-Pannonia, to the most northern European wine pioneers in Groesbeek and the historically rich Saale-Unstrut river landscape, trekking and tasting around in green Vipava valley, biking alongside the sweet slopes and Danube strands of Ilok-Srijem, until finding endless sun, funny people and full bodied wines in the mountains of Bullas.

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Routes / Cycling through the Vipava Valley - Between vineyards

Vipava Valley

DISCOVER UNEXPECTED BEAUTY of Dobravlje – Velike Žablje – Vrtovče – Šmarje – Zavino – Spodnja Branica – Branik – Preserje – St. Martin – Brje – Potoče – Dobravlje

Beauty is often hidden for the eyes and perhaps you can find it in places where you least expect it. Between vineyards. 

Embark on a challenge of a physically demanding and difficult path enabling you to compete with yourself. Start off at Dobravlje and proceed towards Velike Žablje. The serpentine road ascends to Vrtovče. From here, descend towards Šmarje to marvel at the typical Karst architecture: narrow streets or gases,portals, stone projecting roofs, consoles and bridges. 

The path from Šmarje continues to Zavin and further takes you through the marvellous nature to Spodnja Branica. The next stop is Branik from where you turn towards Preserje and cycle uphill to the settlement of St. Martin. Having arrived at St. Martin’s Church, you will be enraptured with a magnificent view over the landscape stretching from Nanos to the Italian Dolomites. If you are lucky and enjoy the fine weather, the sea can be spotted in the distance. 

Wine rooms along the path provide excellent, home-made wine, whereas tourist farms offer you the taste of typical Vipava dishes. The village of Brje is situated on a serpentine road ascending to Potoče, followed by a couple of kilometres of plain surfaces and you have already come to Dobravlje, your final stop.


Visits: individual, guided tour

Time required:cca. 70 min
Length:29,2 km
Location: Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A, 5270 Ajdovščina;
Phone:+386 5 3659140;